Infusion Pump

The MRidium™ 3861 Sidecar Channel provides an optional 2nd channel of continuous fluid delivery. Dual-Channel System designed for simultaneous delivery of both small and large volumetric fluids. Full functionality with the MRidium™ 3865 Bi-Directional Wireless Remote Control provides clinicians with the flexibility to control both infusion channels from a single remote. By simply attaching the MRidium™ 3861 Sidecar Channel to the main unit clinicians may Program, Titrate and View up to two separate infusions simultaneously.

MRidium™ 3861 Sidecar Channel

Features :

>Simultaneous Dual-Channel Infusions

> Attaches Easily to Primary Pump

> Syringe,Bag or Bottle Infusions

> Identical functionality as the MRidium’ 3860+’- Primary Pump

> Wireless Connectivity to the MRidium’M 3865 Remote Control Display

MRidium™ 3860

Features :

> Delivery via Syringe, Bag or Bottle> Air-in-Line Detection
> Upstream / Downstream Occlusion Detection
> Adjustable KVO Rate
> Over 12-H our B atrv at 125 ¡nL Hr
> Infusion Range —0.1 to 1400 mLHr
> Large 10-Numeric Keypad — Quick Programming
> Expandable to a second infusion channel MasimoTM Sp02 Patient Monitoring
> Intuitive Smart IV Pump technology reduces field errors
> World’s ‘Only’ Non—Magnetic IV Infusion Pump Placement up to the 10,000 Gauss Line