> Biochromatic optic system whit 4 wavelengths
> Touch Screen, easy to use
> Compatible with various micro plate such as flat plate. U plate and V plate etc.
> Automatic calibration, plus efficient alarm function
> Quick testing, user friendly, reliable
> Various testing method which support qualitative test, quantitative test, grade test and kinetic quantitative test.
> Multi standard calibration
> Power function curve, exponential function curve, logarithmic function, cubic spline curve. Several blank mode can be selected Fate shake function can be adjusted Compact design, with internal thermal printer

Technical Specification

> Resolution: 1 ML by step
> Dispense accuracy: CV<2% >
> Dispense volume: 50-9999 Ml >
> Aspiration time: O,1—99sec >
> soaking time: O-99 hr
> Mode: strip and plate mode
> Repetition: 0-99 times
> Residual volume: regular mode <1tl clean mode <11.11
> Data storage capacity 99 programs
> Manifold: 12 channels or 8 channels
> Display: 24Ox128LCD
> Power Supply: 110/220±10% V, 50160Hz